Universal Chat Facility


The minimal objective here would be an IRC proxy. A more ambitious objective would be an interface to the most popular on-line chat utilities, possibly via gaim or something similar.

Needed to support this:

  • buddy lists
  • avatars
  • ad-hoc conversation groups
  • logging

Non-standard Elements

popup A resizable pop-up window that can be used with keyboard and mouse.
buddy list and avatars These would be persistent (stored in the local file system) and editable via the popup.
log Stored in the local file system, viewable through the popup. May not be necessary.
irc proxy A module providing an interface to Internet relay chat (IRC). The node would presumably have a tcpip connection to the proxy.
chat facility interface optional? alternative? A module providing an interface to gaim or some other universal chat facility. This might be quite complex and difficult to implement.

Implementation Sketch

A fairly detailed implementation roadmap is available by clicking on the menu selection to the left.