P2P File Sharing System


This would be a universal peer-to-peer file-sharing system similar to Freenet and, to a lesser extent, mnet. It will be quite desirable for XLattice to support gateways into at least these two networks.

Well, at the time of writing (2006-03-28) both Freenet and mnet are more or less gone from this world. Leaving this section in need of revision.

Non-standard Elements

browser interface A browser interface to system contents will be essential because of the unsophistication of likely users. For security, this browser interface must connect to the XLattice console. The user will be able to use this interface both to view files retrieved from the system and to manage cache and shared file policies.
shared file space The user needs to be able to set an amount of disk space made available to the system. The system needs to be able to confirm that the user is actually making this amount available.
cache The user also needs to be able to configure a caching policy: at least the amount of space reserved for this purpose and the length of time that files retrieved from the system will be held in the cache.
network file management This is application-specific code for managing the replication, dispersal, and retrieval of files in the anonymous file sharing system.
log Extensive logging would be necessary; this requirement is very much at odds with the need for privacy and for protection from traffic analysis.