2007-07-10 corexml-0.3.5 release

We add NameGenerator to corexml.bind. This is a facility for generating class, method, and variable names in a standardized way. These names are to be used in various types of automatically generated code, as for example in other bind methods; in XLattice's ProjMgr component; and in the forthcoming JAppGen J2EE MVC application generator project, jappgen.sourceforge.net.

2007-07-10 util-0.3.9 release

This release adds ucFirst and lcFirst methods to StringLib. These are used fairly heavily by upcoming corexml and projmgr component releases, which are in turn used by the JAppGen J2EE MVC application generator, about to become available in alpha at jappgen.sourceforge.net.

2006-06-21 corexml-0.3.4

This is a minor release. context/ has been moved to the util component, and necessary changes in code have been made. We switch to using junit-4.1 for testing, in line with the earlier switch to Java 1.5. And the release is now packaged as a ZIP file instead of a UNIX tarball.

As usual, we include source code for this component and jars for all dependencies.

2006-06-21 projmgr-0.4.0

ProjMgr's first update in a couple of years sees util/context/ replacing corexml/context/, JUnit updated to 4.1, and the use of Java 1.5. We also relax restrictions on version numbers; any JNLP version number is now acceptable. Finally, a number of minor bugs have been fixed.

This is a clean-up preparatory to using ProjMgr for project management (meaning largely automatic generation of configuration files) in the soon-to-be released JAppGen project.

As usual, the .ZIP file includes source code for this component (ProjMgr) and jars for all dependencies.

2006-06-19 util-0.3.8

v0.3.8 makes minor changes to fundamental XLattice classes, including Transport, Peer, and NodeID. We switch to using JUnit 4.1 for unit testing. The release is now packaged as a ZIP file instead of a UNIX tarball.

2006-06-15 crypto-0.1.2 release

This release adds TLS contexts and sessions which considerably reduce the effort required to implement peer-to-peer TLS connections between XLattice Nodes as well as SSL connections between XLattice-based HTTP clients and servers.

2006-06-04 crypto-0.1.1 release, switch to Java 1.5

Today's crypto-0.1.1 release improves the implementation of SignedLists and adds the TLSEngine which will be used as the basis for most node-to-node communications in XLattice networks.

This is our first release using features of Java 1.5. Excepting only the CryptoServer, all code in CVS has now been tested using Java 1.5. All future releases will assume Java 1.5 or better.

2006-05-24 node-0.1.0

This is the first release of XLattice's node component. A node is the key building block in our approach to peer-to-peer networking. A node has a cryptographic identity (an RSA key and a 160-bit SHA1-derived node ID) and can communicate with other nodes through one or more overlays. An overlay is a combination of a transport, a protocol, and an address space. Nodes from this first release communicate using TLS/SSL and UDP.

This release includes source code for the node component and jars for all earlier components used, as well as unit tests used during the build process. The unit tests are also working examples of how to use the XLattice code.

2006-05-21 transport-0.1.1

We add both blocking and non-blocking UDP to the transport component.

2006-05-05 Whoops!

There was a serious bug in 0.1.5 making it difficult to run the server. v0.1.6 of the protocol/stunplus componet went out today. The 0.1.6 server is running on stun.xlattice.org.

2006-05-04 v0.1.5 protocol, STUN+ GUI client releases

This is version 0.1.5 of the STUN+/protocol package. It corrects bugs reported and makes most enhancements requested through the Sourceforge tracker. It also adds the first elements of the XLattice messaging protocol.

The GUI client now supports encrypted authentication using TLS/TCP. It also allows users to select most of the standard STUN servers through a pulldown menu. We would appreciate any further suggestions for GUI client enhancements after user experience with the package.

As usual, there are three files in the release: protocol-0.1.5.zip, stunplus-0.1.5.zip, and stunplus-current.zip.

2006-04-25 protocol, STUN+ with GUI client releases

The 0.1.4 protocol release adds a GUI client and corrects all of the more serious limitations reported through the Sourceforge tracker. We add a facility for testing binding lifetime, but this has not been thoroughly tested.

The GUI client should run on any host with a reasonably recent version of Java. We would appreciate feedback from users.

Server discovery is supported in this release but limited to UDP servers in the GUI client.

The command line client supports encrypted authentication using TLS. The GUI client as yet doesn't.

As usual, there are three files in the release: protocol-0.1.4.zip, stunplus-0.1.4.zip, and stunplus-current.zip.

2006-04-16 STUN+, protocol releases

These are bug-fix releases of the protocol component. As usual source code is packaged as protocol-0.1.3.zip and the binary release is stunplus-0.1.3.zip AKA stunplus-current.zip.

2006-04-15 component releases

Because Sourceforge CVS is currently running a couple of weeks behind, we put interim releases of several components on Sourceforge today. These are

  • util-0.3.7.tar.gz
  • corexml-0.3.3.tar.gz
  • crypto-0.1.0.zip
  • transport-0.1.0.zip

All of these have been tested on both Linux (Debian) and Windows (XP). The util and corexml releases are packaged as tarballs solely due to lack of time. In the next release they will be .zip files.

2006-04-05 STUN+ and protocol third releases

This is the third set of XLattice protocol releases in this series. It incorporates what is as far as we know the first open source version of STUN with TLS-based authentication. As usual, there are three release: source code release as protocol-0.1.2.zip, binary as stunplus-0.1.2.zip, and stunplus-current now mirrors the binary release. The binary package should run on any machine with a recent Java run-time (1.4 or better JRE).

This code has been developed and tested on Debian Linux hosts. There are several known limitations which will be documented on the Sourceforge project tracker. These will have been corrected and the code tested on Windows XP prior to the next release.

2006-03-10 STUN+ and protocol second releases

These are the second releases of the XLattice STUN client and server. The source code release is protocol-0.1.1.zip. This is accompanied by a new binary release, stunplus-0.1.1.zip which, as before, is mirrored by an update to stunplus-current.zip. That is, stunplus-current is now identical to stunplus-0.1.1.

2006-03-07 STUN+ and protocol releases

We published a preliminary release of our STUN client and server on Sourceforge today. The source code was released as protocol-0.1.0.zip. The STUN-specific scripts and documentation plus the jars necessary to run the client and server were packaged as two separate but identical releases. The first is stunplus-0.1.0.zip. The second is stunplus-current.zip. This will be kept in sync with the current numbered release (0.1.0 at this time).

2006-01-30 Web site changes

The Web site is now being generated using Apache Forrest, which has resulted in some glitches. The process should be completed in a week or so.

The older version of the Web site continues to be available at www.xlattice.org and will remain unchanged for some time.

2005-09-22 CryptoServer 0.0.11 release

This is a minor release to fix a small bug that has shown up in production use of the server.

2005-03-11 CryptoServer 0.0.10 release

This is a major upgrade which is now being used to support www.xlattice.org. That is, xlattice.sourceforge.net runs on Apache, but www.xlattice.org runs on CryptoServer 0.0.10. This is a caching server and a secure server: pages are loaded by content key, site build lists are digitally signed, and the master key is on a different machine several thousand miles away.

2005-02-15 CryptoServer 0.0.9 release

A substantially improved version of the CryptoServer. It now supports HTTP/1.1 GET and HEAD methods and has been tested with a number of domain names. Most HTTP headers are recognized.

2005-02-02 CryptoServer 0.0.8 release

This is a tarball release of a minimal server. The .zip file includes all jars necessary to run the server. Source is not included with the release, except for source for the CryptoServer itself. Source for all XLattice components used IS available in CVS.

A rudimentary Users Guide is available here.

In its current form, the CryptoServer software can load a Web site from disk into a cache keyed by content hash and serve that single site. This is a non-blocking HTTP/0.9 server operating from an in-memory cache.

2005-01-30 CryptoServer 0.0.6 prerelease CryptoServer software can now load a Web site from disk into a cache keyed by content hash and serve that single site. All of the relevant code is in CVS, including comprehensive unit tests. This is a non-blocking HTTP/0.9 server operating from an in-memory cache.
2005-01-09 CryptoServer 0.0.4 prerelease Much code for the CryptoServer is now in CVS. A working server is now expected by the end of January. For further information see the Roadmap.
2004-11-01 CryptoServer 0.0.1 prerelease Early code is out for XLattice's first application, a high performance secure Web server, a front end to peer-to-peer networks. For further information see the Roadmap.
2004-09-21 corexml-0.3 release. CoreXml's Java data binding facility has been significantly enhanced. It now is both capable of converting an XML document to a tree of Java objects and of the reverse operation, generating an XML document from a tree of Java objects conforming to a Mapping. Documentation for all CoreXml facilities has also been considerably improved.
2004-09-19 util-0.3 release. Adds support for Web Start (JNLP) version numbers and brings XLattice Version class in line with this, to allow XLattice components to be distributed using JNLP.
2004-08-13 projmgr-0.2 release A bugfix release, bringing XLattice's project management component up to date with the other two released components, util-0.2 and corexml-0.2.
2004-08-13 corexml-0.2 release Fixes some minor bugs in XLattice's core XML facility and adds the implementation of the corexml.bind package, which enables programmers to automate the creation of Java objects from XML input files.
2004-08-13 util-0.2 release. This is a minor bugfix release, one of a set of simultaneous releases of XLattice components (util-0.2, corexml-0.2, and projmgr-0.2)
2004-08-04 projmgr-0.1 release. This is a preliminary release of XLattice's ProjMgr component, used for management of software development of XLattice and similar multi-component projects. It depends upon the recently released util-0.1 and corexml-0.1 components. The release is packaged as a zip file which unzips into a ./xlattice subdirectory. In addition to packages included with other components, ProjMgr depends upon the Antlr lexer/parser generator, which is included with the distribution. Linux/FreeBSD/UNIX users can run unit tests by typing
cd xlattice/projmgr
./build.sh test

corexml-0.1 release. This is a preliminary release of the CoreXml component, containing XML facilities to be used by most other XLattice components. It depends upon the recently released util-0.1 module.

The release is packaged as a zip file which unzips into a ./xlattice subdirectory. Necessary jars, including Ant and JUnit, are included in xlattice/lib. The corexml-0.1 release jar is in xlattice/lib/xlattice.

Linux/FreeBSD/UNIX users can run unit tests by typing

cd xlattice/corexml
./build.sh test

util-0.1 release. This is a preliminary release of utilities to be used by most or all XLattice components, including the Version superclass and the cmdline package.

The release is packaged as a zip file which unzips into a ./xlattice subdirectory. Necessary jars, including Ant and JUnit, are included in xlattice/lib. The util-0.1 release jar is in xlattice/lib/xlattice. Linux/FreeBSD/UNIX users can run unit tests by typing

cd xlattice/util
./build.sh test
2004-01-12 Bloom filter implementation (org.xlattice.filters)
2003-12-21 implementation plan for p2p file sharing model application
2003-12-11 description of decision-making by authentication server clusters