The table below summarizes the functionality that the CryptoServer is expected to have at revision n.n.n. In other words, these are milestones in the implementation of the CryptoServer.

This roadmap is necessarily provisional. When some progress has been made, real dates (in green) and projected dates (in red) will be added. Dates are in YY-MM-DD format. (We are not unduly concerned about the Y2100 bug.)

Because CryptoServer is dependent upon functionality which does not yet exist in other XLattice components, this roadmap includes steps in the development of those components to the degree necessary to support the CryptoServer. References to such components look like node-0.0.1, which represents version 0.0.1 of XLattices node component.

CryptoServer tarballs (in zip format) are now being released regularly. All of the XLattice components used by the CryptoServer are current in CVS.

n n n date capability at this revision number
0 0 1 04-11-01 Node can read node configuration file, extracting the NodeID and RSA Key if they are present, and overlay subdirectory and class names
util-0.3.1: Node, NodeID, Key, Overlay;
node-0.0.1: Configurer and supporting classes, NodeImpl;
crypto-0.0.1: RSAKey
0 0 2 04-11-07 can generate public/private key pair, the node's cryptographic identity.
node-0.0.2; util-0.3.2: KeyGen, PublicKey;
crypto-0.0.2: RSAKeyGen
0 0 3 05-01-09 can get a NodeID from a registry server if it does not have a nodeID (exchanged for RSA public key).
util-0.3.3: Address, EndPoint, DigSigner, SigVerifier; Acceptor, Connection, Connector, Base64Coder, threads
crypto-0.0.3: Key64Coder, RSAPublicKey, SignedList, BuildList, BuildMaker utility; node-0.0.3: nodereg.Client, NodeRegSListener
transport-0.0.1: IOScheduler, Schedulable{Acceptor,Connection,Connector}, {Acceptor,Connection,Connector}Listener,tcpip
0 0 4 05-01-09 can rewrite the XLattice configuration file if changed.
0 0 5 05-01-24 overlay-0.0.1: DataKeyed, NameKeyed, namekeyed/DiskByName
httpd-0.0.1: Http{C,S}Listener
0 0 6 05-01-30 httpd-0.0.1: SiteList
overlay-0.0.1: namekeyed/Name2Hash, datakeyed/MemCache
0 0 7 05-01-31 working CryptoServer running from cache
0 0 8 05-02-02 non-blocking, caching HTTP/0.9 GET CryptoServer release limited to a single site
0 0 9 05-02-15 httpd-0.0.2: parsing and constructing HTTP/1.1 GET, HEAD, FullRequest/Response
0 0 10 05-03-11 httpd-0.0.3: fully tested multi-site GETs
overlay-0.0.2: DiskCache, FlatDisk
0 0 11 05-09-22 util-0.3.4: fixed bugs in util.threads, added util.context
corexml-0.3.2: context.* deprecated
overlay-0.0.3: mods to use new util.threads API
httpd-0.0.4: minor fixes
0 0 12 util-0.3.5: template.*
httpd-0.0.5: preliminary POST, templates
0 1 0 httpd-0.0.5: POST and templates; HttpEcho (server), HttpView (client side)
secure caching Cryptoserver release
0 1 1 httpd-0.0.6, HttpSListener with filtering overlay-0.0.3: rudimentary DataNet
0 1 2 overlay-0.0.4: Disk256x16, Filter
secure, caching, filtering CryptoServer release